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The BRIDGE to Success

The below painting -" The BRIDGE To Success " ( Oil on Canvas ) is Especially done only for you ALL .

My Goodwill gesture to All - My family , friends , art admirers and active audiences / viewers - YOU ARE THE BRIDGE TO MY SUCCESS .

My march towards the glory of Art field would not have been possible without your support - your comments , likes and reactions .

Today I am a passionate painter and a sculptor not by degree or diploma but only by my interest towards creativity . For me, creativity is something which has no limitations and no boundaries... ...that very feeling makes me fearless, independent, gives me courage and a true feeling of FREEDOM . Free from status, worries, competition and Negativity.

As I have entered this field just a year back, I am not yet qualified to be called as an Artist but yes I can call myself a creative person ..I was very creative since childhood and always wanted to someting different / out of the box , which used to give me a feeling of satisfaction

' The BRIDGE to Success '

Till 2016 I was employed in IT field. Trust me, it was not that easy to quit IT , come out of my comfort zone and jump to a New World (of ART) .

Starting a new business right from scratch is not that easy but my love towards creativity gave me tremendous wisdom and courage to listen to my inner voice and follow what my soul says .

After entering into the art world I have realized one thing that not only my courage and strength but also my family, friends , art admirers , viewers and critics mean a lot to me. They make an impact and play a vital role in an Artist's Life / Success. Actively or passively you all are motivating me and helping me to grow / evolve in my Artistic field by your genuine comments and reactions.

Viewers are the true mirrors of any art . Not only the Admirers but also the critics play an important role ....without criticism we will not be able to know our weaknesses and drawbacks. We improve, sharpen our skills, get refined day by day based upon their reaction .

Since YOU are the BRIDGE between An Artist and Artist's Success , I would like you all to walk with me / come along with me and get to know my journey of ARTworld .

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