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I strongly believe that there is a place for everything and everything in its place will enable a higher productivity without compromising on the brain’s creative abilities. Come, take a Virtual tour of my studio with an emphasis on some special areas that are close to my heart!

Artistic Tools Junction

Here you will find all my tools of creativity for my paintings and sculpting. These are not only the tools of my trade but also, the instruments that bring my ideas to life. These are magical wands and
carpets that liberate me from my reality into my world of freedom and creative expression.

I use this table to enhance the capacity of my imagination so that I can get into the minutest detailing aspects as I work with set square, t-square and geometric box like a child learning to draw in school. Even a scribbling in this area gives me the inspiration to work on fine-tuning my themes.

Architectural Table:

This is the place where I mash, mix and sculpt! I play with the five elements ( Sun ,  Water , Air , Earth & Wood  )and create murals, sculptures and statues of various sizes and styles. This is one area that can captivate me for hours together taking me into a deep state of trance and wholeness.

Sculpting Zone:
Decorative and Candy corner:

Every day, before I start my work, I indulge in a small act of self-love by gifting myself a décor for
the day, which not only sets the mood for that day’s work but also engages my logical brain and
analytical brain. This effortlessly gets my creative juices flowing on multi-dimensionally. It is also my
affirmation for the day! I make sure that I give my visitors and followers in the social media to this
visual treat. As for sweet-treats, I have small buckets of candies for everyone who comes in. Be sureto try them next time you visit me !

Conference Area:

This is the place where I welcome my clients and get to know them better. This is also my formal
area, where I discuss their requirements and offer my solutions.

Pantry Point:

The meeting at my studio is never complete without a cup of coffee or tea. I always make sure my clients are comfortable and relaxed and I love play their host. This is also my secret hideout where all the goodies are stashed. 

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