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During the time I decided to work with clay, I realized that I was actually working with the five elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether. I started dabbling with it and I suddenly realized that I was also a creator, like God, only, my sculptures weren’t moving. I was surprised or rather amazed when I saw that the sculptures I was making were taking after my intention – for instance, when I wanted to make a mischievous boy, it was extremely difficult to shape him – obviously, a mischievous boy would give a tough time. When I wanted to create a great, old tree, the clay pieces came rolled out thick and the tree came out majestically, with birds, fruits, thick roots and trunk with a large shade. This is how we probably were all made – with intent and for a purpose.


A sculpture or a wall mural is much more effective in healing than a painting as it is more or less a ‘’Persona’’, a reflection of a real person with a lot of intention and love.

Both Paintings and Sculptures are excellent substitutes for AFFIRMATIONS that people can use every day to bring phenomenal changes in their lives. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and roughly 70% of people process visual data much better than auditory or olfactory data. So when they see an affirmation, rather than recite it every day, their belief gets stronger and their wishes manifest much faster.

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