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MaEarth was founded in December 2016 with a dream of enhancing the well-being and quality of life by spreading the importance and essence of Art and Creativity in our day-to-day lives through unique and interesting art products, events and workshops for corporates, individuals and families using simple artistic techniques and therapies.


MaEarth also specializes in making all kinds of paintings (Coffee painting, Oil and Acrylic, Watercolours, Abstract and Contemporary) 3D and Wall Murals, Wall decors, Sculptures for residential as well as commercial premises. MaEarth also undertakes orders for customized Vastu, Feng Shui and Corporate Gifts.


MaEarth Art studio aims to provide innovative Artistic solutions that help human consciousness to evolve.

The vision of MaEarth is to be a source of creativity, by enriching and energizing lives through customized Art products or thru uniquely themed artistic events that foster love, creativity, spiritual consciousness and inner healing all over the world.


Transitioning from a Corporate Executive to an Artist meant creating a new life and embracing it wholeheartedly. In December 2016, I felt like I was reborn after collapsing and destroying all my beliefs about life, love, strength, money and everything else I knew. Every part of me was created anew and I had to reinvent and I rebuilt myself. And in the process, I wanted to create a unique identity for my own self. I wanted to name this identity as a parent would name his/her child – only, I wasn’t the parent. I WAS the child. This identity was my mother who walked me thru the difficult transformation and hand-held me giving all the courage and motivation I needed. And thus, ‘’MaEarth’’ was born.



Many ask me why I had chosen the name. From my days as a child, I loved playing in the mud, clay, sand and enjoyed the hues of all earthy colours and shades. I loved the rustic feel or wood grains, leaves, tea bark, stones, pebbles, seashells and eggshells. I immensely enjoyed pottery and gardening as they involved working with the soil. It took me a while to realize that I feel grounded to Mother Earth whenever I am working with soil and handling all the earthy matter improved my inner-connectedness. She had the remarkable power to calm, soothe and relax me and I felt peaceful, blissful and beautiful.


As I looked around, I saw how much mother earth has provided for all the beings that reside on the planet, how we are ecologically connected and how we are a self-sustained system co-existing in a complex web of consciousness and physical existence. And yet, she is always there for us, grounding us and responding to our prayers. We are all born from her and will ultimately return into her womb. It just makes me sad, when I see how we are destroying our environment and ecology and taking Mother Earth for granted. Hence, I wanted to remind everyone to celebrate this holy mother of all, by naming my studio and my new identity as ‘’MaEarth’’.


Logo of MaEarth also has an interesting story. At the very heart of it, MaEarth is all about creating and leaving behind a unique legacy. So I loved the idea of using my thumbprint as the base for the logo. Also, the spiral-shaped galaxy signifies balance, awareness and connectedness with the divine. The colours of the logo have their own individual meanings.


WHITE symbolizes all the living beings of this universe.

BLUE represents the sky, water bodies and marine life.

DARK GREEN denotes lush green forests and mountains.

LIGHT GREEN represents the landscape, green grass and the harvest lands.

BROWN stands for the Earth

Overall, the logo of MaEarth is an open invitation to everyone to take an inward spiritual journey and feel the connectedness within oneself and the divine.

Come, let us all unite in love, peace, harmony and save our Mother. In return, she continues to bless us forever.

MaEarth’s blessings be upon one and all!


where uniqueness is redefined 


In today’s world, despite the freedom of speech, none of us are able to voice out our thoughts freely for the fear of being disowned. These suppressed thoughts and emotions block our ability to communicate and we end up faking ourselves for a good part of our lives. MaEarth primarily focuses on this seat of creative expression and helps people to release their pent-up unexpressed emotions through Art, therapy & balancing the energies holistically.


Art and Creativity nourish our senses and sensitize us to everyone around us. They teach us empathy and bring us together as the children of a single mother called Mother Earth, who fondly wishes to see us loving, united and helping and serving each other. Art helps us all to connect at a heart level and weaves individual consciousness together into universal one-ness.


Every piece of art crafted at MaEarth is tailor-made and is true to the spiritual essence described above. I take utmost care to ensure that I personally work on all the orders in the best of my physical and mental health and putting in the purest of intentions into the piece. 

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