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From a seasoned Corporate Executive to a Compassionate Artist and healer, ebbing with creativity and love for nature, I have come a really long way. I have a deep love of how colours can change our energies and the spaces around us and being an Artist, I am passionate about combining energy healing principles in my paintings, sculptures and artistic events. I am also very interested in apply energetic healing for office spaces, homes, families and individual clients.


I offer a wide variety of  products, ranging from paintings, mural artwork, coffee paintings, sculptures and corporate gifts, which not only make great memoirs but also give feeling of happiness . I customize my work according to my Client’s needs and so every piece I make is unique.


As a person, right from my very young age, I have been creative with skills in drawing, painting and crafting . However, the corporate world invited me with open arms when I finished my education.

I was an aggressive Business Development Manager with around 15 years of experience in Interior and Exterior designing and was also an Entrepreneur running an IT HR Consulting firm. I was extremely good at what I did, but I somehow wasn’t happy because I was doing it for material gains. My intense love for artistic pursuits gained upper hand in due course. When I joined Pranic healing classes as a spiritual endeavour, which changed my life in ways I couldn’t comprehend them.


My Spiritual journey opened my eyes to the fact that life isn’t all about facts and figures – it is about unconditional love, for the self and the others. It is about an expression of love and art and spirituality could be blended into a therapy where it can create miracles. It is about creating a legacy. It is about sharing happiness with everyone around me or at least doing my bit to help them to be healthy & happy .


From nowhere, my artistic abilities started flowing out like a fountain. With time, I mastered them learning newer techniques and honed them with my curative skills. Now, I am ready to offer a unique blend of art and holistic healing to the world.


If you think you are stuck with issues with no solution in sight, then you need to drop everything that you are doing and run into the wilderness where your inner child is hiding. Bring the inner child out, pique your intuition, stimulate your creativity and play with your mind. The possibilities are endless. Go beyond the mundane and the routine and see how art liberates you from the clutches of monotony!

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