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We all buy novelties for gifting. But have we ever wondered what these novelty items are made of? I have seen most of these items being made with plastic resins. Our ancestors have left us a treasure trove of Artistic techniques and one of the postulates of their wisdom, states that all Artistic products should be made of organic material like clay, wood, leaves, roots, wood grains, wood veneer, stone and marble powder, pebbles, Arabic gum, coir, jute, metals and metal colors, bamboo and cane, ceramic etc This is because, organic material holds energy and that gets amplified with time.


At MaEarth, I believe in making 100% organic materials while making Corporate gifts and Feng Shui items for maximizing the energy retention.


Over a period of time, companies have adopted a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to gifting their Partners, Customers and Associates. I wish to bring in more meaning, healing and abundance to these corporate relationships by creating some unique art work for them. I wish to create small quantum energy packets made with 7 rays as per the principles of Spiritual Business Management as gifts, which will bring in a lot more harmony and balance in these corporate environments.


My Feng Shui items are customized for spreading peace, harmony, abundance, growth, relationship healing, health improvement, and bringing in positive energies using traditional Chinese based symbology and Indian mudras. Each artefact will come with instructions on the direction of placement and description on how it will energize the surroundings.

Please contact me with your requirements and I would be thrilled to share my ideas.

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