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In my corporate career of 15+ years, I have extensively worked with people on all levels of hierarchies. I have specialized in counselling, mentoring and coaching the interns as well as handled high-level executives in major multi-national companies. And I have come to realize that the quality of the employees across all levels is deteriorating due to the lack of creative expression and intuitive intelligence.

To address this void, I have created specialized Art events that can help various segments of the society in promoting creativity, harmony and balance.

Art has the power to open a person’s mind, heart and soul, empower expression of self and give them a platform to explore all the dimensions of people’s lives. It is a new way to experience an existing life and yet radically improve the quality of our lives.

The following are my key areas of interest where I customize the events according to the Client needs.


Modern life has made us aggressive and unhealthy, running a race where no one knows where the finish line is. Most of the time, we are unhappy and we don’t even realize what we are missing in our lives and what we need to do to be happy. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we are increasing our standard of living but we are losing out on quality of life. I have come up with some exclusive events for corporates where the employees can feel a connection with their team-members, company and their purpose at their work.

I have experienced the issues that corporates face today and understand the necessity for a change in their approach towards corporate environment and culture.

Under the Corporate events, specialized areas are as follows:

Creative Events
Team Building
Management Event
Growth & Prosperity
Meditative Event


People are starving for ideas at work place and they lack the creativity to solve the issues at work. I understand that most of us don’t have the luxury to renounce our careers and get into other esoteric occupations in life. However, I have realized that art activates our higher emotions by stimulating our creative and intuitive senses and apply them in our day-to-day lives making ordinary aspects of life and into extra-ordinary sources of joy, confidence, productivity and success.


MaEarth has a unique idea of bringing people together under a single canvas and bring about love and unity by letting the individual artistic capabilities to flow out. These events aim at bringing about a positive change in the world through holistic events for Families.

Nuclear families of today meet only for occasions and have difficulty bonding with each other owing to misunderstandings between parents and children, siblings, couples and relatives. This is why I designed these Artistic events to bring these people together in a single frame and nurture the relationships and enable the heart &  Soul connections. They can experience the spirituality through Art and Painting and  thereby mentally and emotionally balance themselves and express their feelings  through paintings.

Through this simple activity they can create the chemistry of blisssfullness within themselves and send their blessings & loving energiers to each other though  colours & brushstrokes .



Eliminate the ‘’I’’ factor and strengthen the ‘’We’’ factor

In today’s world, both the husband and wife have to work in order to have a comfortable life. Suddenly they realize that they have been so engrossed with their routine life, that they have out-grown each other. They haven’t even spent time doing a single task together.

I have seen this with some of my own friends and have created a special event for couples, where I will give them a theme and they have to paint it together on a single canvas. They are allowed to fight, argue or play, provided they finish the task.

The benefits of this activity are manifold. For starters, this relaxes the couple as it serves as a meditation thru Art.

Secondly, it gives them some precious moments of togetherness. More importantly, they get to create something beautiful together – consciously! Towards the end of the activity, the couples feel that the distances between them have been eliminated leading them into harmony, understanding, admiration and mutual respect.


Nature connect, Clayplay, Arty party, Color splash, Paintings on emotions and music

I created these events as I have been observing the kids of the society for a while now. With an increase in the usage of gadgets, children are becoming hyperactive and restless with conditions like ADD and ADHD. They are losing focus and can’t seem to hold their attention in a single task. The worst consequence of this is the depleted activity of the Pineal gland. The pineal gland is the seat of intuition, higher creativity and innovation and a depleting pineal gland means a disconnection from the consciousness. Just as with gadgets, children just surf their lives for experiences with a distracted mindset.

I think that this trend is unhealthy given that children are growing faster than their age. To counter this, I have come up with a set of activities that involve the children working with natural, organic energies in clay, seashells, pebbles, straw, jute etc. This will ground the children and establish them in their own peace. The restlessness will subside gradually and children will get into art and spirituality together. Some of the activities that I have created for the kids are - Nature connects, Clay play, Arty party, Colour splash etc. I always see to it that the kids enjoy their activity while ensuring that the objectives are met.


Art Therapies, Bring the child within, Intiutive  Events, Mindfullness ,   Color break & Hidden traits tracker .

The one-on-one event / session is an unique concept where I assess the balance between the connection of an individual between their inner world and the outer world using a combination of Art &  meditation , music and a detailed analysis of the individual's preferences and priorities.


The inner world is the place where our intutive senses, instinct and wisdom reside . The outer world is the influence of sense organs & stimulations.  The balance between the inner and outer world is absolutely essential for the individual to be aware, awake and conscious about the decisions of his/her own life .

MaEarth's creative events & activities , colour and  art therapies help the individuals to discover their secret world  inside them and help them to deal with outer world situations more smartly & creatively .

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