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Eternal Love of Radha Krishna

Playful flirty heart with body as dusky as dark night !!! How the glowing, the beautiful Radhe loved Hari at first sight ? what a mesmerising beauty Radhe!!! Glowing skin as bright as Dawn ,Eyes so deep and dark How the glowing, the beautiful Radhe loved Hari at first sight ? Glittering Morning ,embraced dusky night As if in Darkness, Sun rises to share the light Oh how unique, divine this sight Oh how deep and sweet love stride Just like at the far corner of horizon dawn breaks down at evening

Meera and her River of Life

Meera, garbed in one of her ideal outfits, carrying her earthen pot, heads out to her favorite locale. She calls it, her River of Life. Here, settling down on a pile of rocks, she is ready to grab her bit. Holding her pot, she stoops down and fills it with her much awaited moment- this time, the moment of happiness. she fills her pot with the water of exquisite moments and carries them along with her. These are the moments of joy, love, happiness, satisfaction, appreciation and on and on & on.

My Cuppa Coffee

You: “Are you sleepy, tired? I can see you yawning.” Me: “Oh no no! You didn't get it, did you?” You: “No. I mean what?” Me: “A yawn is a silent scream for coffee. Get me my cuppa coffee ;-)” That's right! Its sunny or its rainy, Its pleasant or its gloomy, Its humid or its frigid, I'm at work or I'm at home, I'm about to start or I'm about to reach, Its morning, day or night, I'm joyous or I'm serious, It's all this and more. Not without my cuppa hot brewing coffee..Ahhhh!! Where's yours??


This art very beautifully depicts a live dance of two souls in eternal undying love. The sequence portrays an open forest blessed by a fresh spill of rainfall. Seems like the rainbow has come down from the skies to sway with the lovers. One can feel the mystique in the air. The grapevine swings to the tune of the dhol played by the passionate man. The lady in love is engrossed in this deep enchanted aura. The hanging bells whirl around their pious devotion.

IMG-20180901-WA0013 (2)
A Mother's Portrait - A priceless gi

This project was small by size but it was priceless and did wonders. The moment Mr. Gerald opened the gift wrapper, he went silent for a while and became very emotional. He thanked his team for this wonderful and valuable gift . He loved this potrait as it made him feel the presence of his mother. And of course he was very happy to hear about and see a 'Coffee Portrait" which indeed was very new to him . I enjoyed doing every bit of this project. While making this portrait of a "Loving Mother",

Love is a Promise

Him: “Holding your hands, muffled up in mine, I feel blessed by the power our love gives us. I vow to protect you, nurture you and see the life through your beautiful prismed eyes. In all our ups and downs, our joys and falls, no matter what life brings to us, I shall be there for you, with you, within you- hand in hand. Her: Smiling shyly, she says, “You have offered me the precious flower of hope and love, I shall offer you a garden full of togetherness.

Pottery Wheel
Mask in the snow
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